What to Expect in this Course

Welcome to our online WARRIOR Rhythm Instructor Training course. Congratulations! You are about to embark on an incredibly rewarding adventure.

WARRIOR Rhythm is recognized by the Athletics and Fitness Association of America, the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Council on Exercise as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. Completion of the course is worth 9 AFAA CEUs, .9 NASM CEUs, and .8 ACE CECs.

The training is self-paced. You may power through it in one 8 hour day or break it up into smaller bites. You must score 90% on all of the quizzes. You may take them as many times as necessary.

There are 4 sections. First "The Basics" will take the longest and require the most physical movement. In this section, you will do the full 55-minute class and work extensively on form and technique. "Mastery", "The Art of Teaching" and the final "Wrap Up" sections will be much less physical, only bringing you to your feet a small amount.

Upon completion of this course, you will have the tools needed to begin your WARRIOR Rhythm teaching adventure.

Learning objectives

You will:

  1. Understand the culture of the brand and be able to describe the format.
  2. Know how to shorten classes to meet a variety of scheduling needs.
  3. Know and practice form and technique for key poses and be able to articulate movement progression and regression strategies. 
  4. Have a basic understanding of the core, spinal alignment, joint actions, anatomical locations, and planes of movement.
  5. Be ready to learn and practice teaching your first Lesson.
  6. Access ongoing content, via WARRIOR Nation enrollment, and plug into our support system.

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