WARRIOR Strength™

(Functional Training)

Cardio + Lifting, WARRIOR Strength™ is functional fitness for every level and everyone who wants to sweat and feel their muscles burn! With 30 and 60-minute options, playlists that rock, and engaging formulas it is a one-of-a-kind endorphin rush!

Cardio Countdown 6-5-4-3-2-1! CARDIO COUNTDOWN is 30 min functional training that follows a consistent formula making time fly. With an emphasis on cardiovascular conditioning, this HIIT class is all about maximal caloric expenditure in a short amount of time.

Get Pumped In just 30 minutes, this mobility and strength-based class will tighten, tone, lengthen, and sculpt your muscles! GET PUMPED stations follow unique formulas that are smart, fun, and ever-evolving.


(Cardio Countdown for Kids)

In six theme-based sections, this 30-minute cardio class is all about the camaraderie born from teamwork, improving posture through body awareness, developing strength, coordination, and boosting self-confidence! CARDIO COUNTDOWN for KIDS emphasizes the FUN in functional fitness for grades K-5th.

Our Brand Story

We help instructors unleash their inner strength by providing them with original programming and a network of professional support.

Our Vision

To be a mainstream group exercise format caring more about self-acceptance and building others up than counting calories.

Our Mission

We exist to provide a safe place for individuals to celebrate who they are.

Our Tagline


Our Mantras

Come as You Are

All Shapes All Sizes

Stay Wild

Ellen de Werd

Meet the Creator

Ellen de Werd is a 23-year fitness industry leader with extensive experience developing innovative programs. She is the creator of WARRIOR Rhythm™ and WARRIOR Strength™. Her unique programs are taught in 11 countries. Since the launch of the WARRIOR Instructor Academy, Ellen has garnered national attention as a featured, favorite presenter and educator for IDEA, CAN FIT PRO, SCW, and Fitness Conventions Inc.

Ellen is the Fitness Director at the Downtown Athletic Club and a Lululemon Legacy Ambassador. She is also a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and 200 Hour EYRT.